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  1. Sandi Kitchen Says:

    My husband and I love your song Holding all my love for you from the movie Open Range. I there anywhere we can get the sheet music for guitar and lyrics? Thanks you so much

  2. mark newton Says:

    heard your song at the end of Open Range.

  3. Terry Mayes Says:

    Dear Julianna:
    I have listened to you music and I fell in love.If angels had singing voices you are what they would sound like. Keep up the great work and write whats in your heart and you’ll make it.By all means please tell me if your ever in St.Louis or area nearby.If your interested there is a place that would most likely love to have you play very small venue but great place to play music and a great place to listen.Its called Off Broadway in St.Louis.
    Thanks Julianna
    PS Hope to see ya soon

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Terry thank you for your lovely message! New music will be headed your way in the new year so stay tuned. I took your advice to write from my heart in advance of receiving it. 🙂 Best, Julianna

  5. Matthew Says:

    I would be interested to listen to your music in High Definition. I listened to Dominos from the Bowers and Wilkins SOS, however this was only CD definition. Do you have any plans to release tracks in DSD or 24/192 or 24/96 ?


  6. Sergio Says:

    I have no words to describe how lovely are your songs, congratulations!
    Não tenho palavras para descrever o quão linda são suas musicas, parabéns!

    Sergio Andrade

  7. Brandy Hooper Says:

    Hi, I am in love with your song “Dominoes” I am a jazz singer and would love to include this song in my set list. Do you have sheet music I could purchase? Thank you!

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