What Does it Take to Experience Radical Positive Change?

What Does That Look Like in Real Terms and is it Even Truly Achievable in Your Life?

How Can Julianna Help You?

Julianna has been training individuals and groups in mindfulness for @ 17 years. Currently, she develops onsite and online mindfulness training for enterprise clients and consumers as well as privately coaching performance professionals, TV personalities, entrepreneurs engaged in personal growth, executives in sales and leadership and group training company leaders interested in enhancing the work environment and providing preventative health care through mindfulness meditation. She was drawn to mindfulness to manage debilitating anxiety. Having attended over 100 silent retreats and racked up 12,000 plus hours of formal practice time, Julianna has rewired her brain, creating a new normal for herself, which enables her to truly be of service to her clients. In fact, in a study at UCLA comparing long-term meditators’ brains with non-meditators, the results of Julianna’s MRI led to interviews on ABC, GLOBO news and other outlets, about the benefits of practice.

  • Self Empowerment

    Learn a set of skills you can do anywhere, any time to deepen your fulfillment, lower stress, improve your sense of emotional well being and strengthen your immune system. What could be more empowering?

  • Healthy and Wise

    As mindfulness works to lower blood pressure and stress, heighten empathy and improve emotional regulation, your physical & emotional wellness increases, leading you to wiser,  healthier decisions.

  • Productivity and Efficiency

    How often do you get caught in distractions throughout your day? In multiple scientific studies, mindfulness improves focus, clarity and efficiency allowing you to make the most of your time, so you can stay focused on what really matters to you.

  • A System You Can Trust

    Unified Mindfulness, which has been researched at Harvard University Medical Center with breakthrough results, is unique in it’s adaptability and power enabling you to customize your practice.

  • You Can Do It!

    Tried before? Think it isn’t for you? Julianna co-creates your ideal practice to keep you engaged and inspired, shows you how to take advantage of windows of opportunity and  helps you avoid common pitfalls that stagnate growth.

  • Mindful Engagement

    Too busy to develop your skills? Just 10 minutes a day is all it takes to start or maintain your practice. And Julianna helps you discover specific ways to practice throughout your day, transforming your life and optimizing your time.

  • Rapid Growth

    Working with the right teacher accelerates your practice, making you work more effectively and efficiently. Plus, everyone needs an accountability partner to make positive changes. Take advantage of Julianna’s wisdom and guidance for rapid growth.

  • Complete Support

    Unified Mindfulness is an industrial strength practice and the effects can be profound! With 17 years of experience as a trainer, Julianna keeps you on track through the challenges, triumphs and ordinary road blocks.

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What is Mindfulness and Why Do You Need to Learn It?

What is Mindfulness?

Unified Mindfulness defines it as a set of 3 attention skills, concentration power, sensory clarity and equanimity, all working together. These skills are powerful and when they work together they are radically transformative. You strengthen the skills of mindfulness through practicing specific techniques and strategies. Mindfulness is also a style of meditation which has no religious affiliation. So, mindfulness is a set of non-religious meditation exercises that strengthen specific, life-changing, mental skills.

Enrich Your Life Beyond Compare

We commonly look to circumstances and achievements to improve or validate our lives. That's fine, but there tends to be a profound over emphasis on having certain conditions in order to be happy. Mindfulness develops specific skills, enabling you to tap into your own freely available resource of fulfillment, so your sense of well being is less dependent on conditions. This enriches your life, as is, while empowering you to take more inspired action to achieve your goals and greet all the conditions of your life more effectively, creatively and appropriately.

To Optimize Your Time & Accelerate Growth

Improve decision making, stay on point with your goals, recover more quickly from setbacks and develop greater clarity of purpose. The mind is most effective when it is resilient, adaptable, clear and focused and mindfulness practice enhances these qualities in the mind.

To Heighten EI & Creativity

Being able to navigate our emotional reactions and responses enables us to be more fully available, creatively. It also helps us respond optimally to other people's emotional reactions and responses, leading to better outcomes, all around. Many work environments and professions require creativity on demand, as well as navigating a wide range of personalities with varying agendas and needs. And our personal relationships are what many of us value most highly in life. Research has shown mindfulness enhances creativity as well as improving emotional regulation, well being, compassion and empathy.

To Improve Health and Well Being

Mindfulness lowers stress & blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, improves your sleep cycle, improves pain response and yields the tangible rewards of tranquility, energy and emotional well being. It is the most freely available form of preventative health care there is. It can also be used to support positive behavior changes that improve your health such as diet and exercise.

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I love the tools that I am developing with this practice.  I have greater clarity, more focus, and have also seen improvements in my physical performance as I prepare for an Ironman. Working with Julianna is like having a personal trainer for your mind.  I love the guided sessions and am in great admiration of the teaching and insight that Julianna imparts in the process. I feel equipped in a way I’ve never been before.

John Kane
Vector Marketing

I have been doing one-on-one mindfulness training with Julianna on the phone, and her teaching and coaching is clear, focused, and effective. Julianna tailors guided mindfulness exercises and helps me make new breakthroughs in my own personal practice and life. I highly recommend her! As a researcher and neuroscientist studying mindfulness, I believe her coaching is cutting-edge and the best in the business.

J David Creswell
Leading Mindfulness Researcher, Carnegie Mellon

As a performer, learning mindfulness has been invaluable. Julianna is a great teacher of the most state of the art meditative techniques. Julianna's experience as a performer makes her uniquely qualified to teach me how to apply these techniques on stage.

James Valentine
Lead Guitarist, Rock Band Maroon 5
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